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Rice VS Chapati - Which is better?September 30, 2020 · Build My Body

Both rice and chapati are a source of carbohydrates in any typical Indian diet. People in certain regions prefer one over the other based on a number of reasons including availability and accessibility to either of them. But without getting into the specifics, let’s understand what makes more sense for you to consume.

Broadly speaking, the energy from rice lasts for a short interval compared to chapati. That’s because carbohydrates from rice easily reach the bloodstream to raise the sugar levels. That’s why diabetics are advised to have chapati. But this isn’t too big of an issue to worry. Having rice with a source of protein like pulses makes it as slow a carbohydrate as chapati is. On the other hand, having rice in the form of Kheer only makes it spike your blood sugar level faster. Make sure you’re having rice with a source of protein or with a vegetable and it’ll all be great for you.

Now, compared to rice, wheat has more fibre content. This makes the process of breaking down wheat-based chapati a little slower. It stays in your digestive tract longer than rice does. That's why chapati is better at keeping hunger away. This fibre issue with rice can be overcome by having salads along with your meal. That’ll keep you as full as chapati does. On that note, salads should anyways be a mandatory part of your diet. Full of vitamins and minerals.

Finally, your post-workout meal should be the one which helps you backtrack on your low blood sugar levels caused by exercise. Hence a rice focussed meal comes handy. While sleeping, you don’t want your sugar levels to drop and wake up in the middle of the night with hunger pangs. That's why chapati is a better dinner choice unless your rice meal also has proteins, vegetables and salads along with it.


You see, there’s no right answer to which one is better between rice and chapati. Rajma feels so lonely without rice and rumali roti with butter chicken is so yum. That's why both these carbohydrate sources are good in their own ways. Plus, these days you also have a variety to pick from. Like brown rice and multi-grain chapati. Okay, go and have the best of both the worlds to give your body different tastes and different nutrients.