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How to increase lifting capacity?January 27, 2020 · Build My Body

Lifting capacity is defined as the amount of weight you can lift. Now, this measurement can be taken in the span of an hour or a week. But in general, high lifting capacity is often equated with your strength because squatting 100 kilos for 5 reps is equivalent to 10 reps of 50 kilos. But who’s stronger? You got the answer. Today we’ll look into three parameters following which you can become stronger than an ox.

Add weight and not reps:

Step into any gym and you’ll see people doing so many reps that they themselves lose count. There’s no point in stimulating your muscles with a weight that you can lift 20-30 times. It makes sense to increase the weight and lower the pin at times. That’s what makes you stronger. The exception to this is exercises like the Lateral Raise which don’t serve any purpose of strength but to pump up the muscles.

Don’t kill yourself:

Doing 5 different exercises for the chest that too for 5 sets of 10 reps each will sooner or later burn you out. The key to getting strong is to stay away from fatigue. Olympic lifters train five days a week at the minimum. That’s because they avoid fatigue and burnout of muscles and keep room for frequent training. No wonder they’re strong.

Go old school:

There are exercises like the Farmer’s Walk which very few people do. Consult your trainer and start doing this old school work and you’ll feel the difference in your size and strength. Sometimes to break the threshold of strength, it is advisable to mix up your exercise routine and give new stimulus to the muscles.

Using the above strategies you can not only improve your lifting capacity but turn into the Hulk of your gym. That guy who does thousands of Bicep Curls with 5-kilo dumbbell is not who you wish to be known as. Let's start by getting stronger. What say?