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Fitness Hacks During NavratriOctober 19, 2020 · Build My Body

Navratri time is here. A great opportunity to detox your body. But there are some things you should keep in mind while fasting - to balance out the pros and cons. Today we’ll learn them very quickly -

Hydration is the key:

Fast or no fast, water intake is super important for your body. During fasting, the body’s stored energy resources are used. That’s why hydration becomes even more necessary. With fruit intake, water needs can be managed but drinking it is always better, to be on the safer side. Fruit juice is a good middle way between this water and fruit dilemma. Try that as an experiment.

Stay Hydrated

Avoid fried, oily and sugary stuff:

Potatoes might become your friend during Navratri time. There are so many chips available in the market made of things other than just potatoes. But they’re not a healthy option. Too much oil in them. Plus, sugar anyways is empty calories. This doesn’t mean you can’t have sweets. Just make sure to have them in moderation. Not to mention, binging will ruin the purpose of fast. Remember you’re fasting for detoxing and giving your body a break.


Exercise but don’t tire yourself:

When your body is in fasting mode and your diet has changed, exercising can be tough. Instead of pushing hard in the gym, go for bodyweight workouts at home. Yoga will be good as it’ll further cleanse your internal system from toxins. If you feel tired and low on energy, meditation is also a convenient option. On some days, you may go for a jog or a long walk if you’ve good energy. What feels right, do it.


That’s all from our side. With these tips handy, your Navratri time will go really smooth. Besides the above tips, remember to dance and bond with your family. This time of the year is to connect with your loved ones. Science says that stress-free people live longer and healthier. Now go and sit with your family and set a reminder for Dandiya night.