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Breaking The Myths About Breakfast One At A TimeSeptember 17, 2020 · Build My Body

This question might have struck your head sometime of the other. In newspaper and magazine health columns, expert seem to talk about the importance of breakfast more than anything else. But is that true? It is and it is not. Let’s try to understand this complex situation by breaking the myths about breakfast one at a time.


This can vary from person to person. People who have their bodies accustomed to eating early in the morning will have their take and others will have their own. Decide on your own comforts level. Some people lose weight if they start skipping the morning meal while others may gain a few extra kilos if they start with regular breakfast.

Fitness Productivity


Many people like to go to work on a full stomach because it gives them the energy to focus on work. On the other hand, some folks like working on an empty stomach in order to avoid laziness which comes after having a bowl of corn flakes and milk. Same like above, you can see what works for you and have your stand on this issue

Why Breakfast Is Important?


The best thing about medical and health research is that what you’re thinking about, that same thing has a paper written about it by a PhD holder. This becomes the “I’ll think, I’ll prove” game. Looking up on Google in support of breakfast will get you ample results and so will be the case if you type the reverse of it.


Keeping in mind that breakfast is just a meal and importance given to it is a subjective issue, we’ll come to a close. People in old age who have to take medicines in the morning, they’re advised to have them on a full stomach. It is always appropriate to discuss these things with your doctor. Leaving that aside, breakfast is as important as you make it and as much as your body demands or discards it. Simple and sorted.