• Fitness Hacks During Navratri

    Fitness Hacks During Navratri
    Navratri celebration is not an excuse to taking care of your body. Avoid binge eating sweets and fried foods. Exercise the way you're comfortable while fasting at the same time. Double down on fruits and water. Festive season is the test of your discipline and dedication. You've to pass this test with flying colours.
  • Rice VS Chapati - Which is better?

    Rice VS Chapati - Which is better?
    Both rice and chapati are a source of carbohydrates in any typical Indian diet. People in certain regions prefer one over the other based on a number of reasons including availability and accessibility to either of them. But without getting into the specifics, let’s understand what makes more sense for you to consume. Broadly speaking, the energy...
  • Breaking The Myths About Breakfast One At A Time

    Breaking The Myths About Breakfast One At A Time
    This question might have struck your head sometime of the other. In newspaper and magazine health columns, expert seem to talk about the importance of breakfast more than anything else. But is that true? It is and it is not. Let’s try to understand this complex situation by breaking the myths about breakfast one at a time.
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